To complete the “Danger Zone - Blacksite - Hit The Poop Deck” task, graffiti must be sprayed in various places on the Danger Zone Map Blacksite. This mission is part of Operation Riptide Week 9 Nautical Mile. We’ll show you how to get to these places!

You will need graffiti for this mission. You can get this by completing games or through the Steam Marketplace. It is advisable to use cheap graffiti for this task, as the logo is irrelevant for this task. You can activate the graffiti in your CSGO inventory and then spray it in-game with the T key.

On the Map Blacksite, the individual objectives can be completed in any order. The desired positions for spraying graffiti are shown in the following videos.

Apply graffiti at the top of water tower

Apply graffiti at the anchor at the pier

Apply graffiti at the Crane

Apply graffiti on top of the roof at Radio

Apply graffiti in the market at Hotel

Apply graffiti on the grills at Picnic

Apply graffiti at the top of the Lighthouse

Apply graffiti on the Bridge

Apply graffiti at Construction Site